Monday, December 26, 2011

From TimB: 28mm Great War German Casualties & 'Snori' the Viking Axe Caddy (25 points)

Tim decided to break the Christmas Truce and quickly sent in these models while I was gorging myself on turkey, perogies and cabbage rolls.  We see here two Great War German casualties.  We think these are 25mm Old Glory castings.

Next is Tim's brilliant Viking conversion that he made up for me which has its origins from an silly series of comments we exchanged a few days ago regarding Hrolf's scandalously pristine axe, the upshot of which was that any self-respecting Viking/Anglo-Dane should have a caddy with a golfbag full of various axes to meet any occasion. 

Tim made the bag out of putty and festooned it with a variety of axes (courtesy of GW and Gripping Beast). Check out plaid pattern on the bag - very posh.

With the Scottish Saltire on his shield I'm guessing this Viking is from the Orkneys. So we'll call him 'Snori Haggis-McBaggis'. Tim left the basing fairly raw as I like to do the groundwork myself.

Thanks a bunch Tim! These three will net you 25 points (5 extra for the additional thought and effort put into 'Snori').


  1. Nice painting. I do like the work on the bag of the axeman. Best, Dean

  2. Love them all and the bag is so cool I'd have given him an extra 15 paionts just for the bag really creative.

  3. Another nice effort, love the bag, but I will decline any game of golf from that guy!


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