Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dystopian Wars - Prussian Fleet

For the Prussian Fleet I decided to stray a bit off the nautical theme and go with early-war Luftwaffe colours which I've always liked and, I dunno why, but often think of as quintessentially 'German'.

In the rules, the Prussians utilize Tesla-based weaponry which is kinda neat and you can see Tesla coils on many of their models.

Three Frigates
As you can see the silhouette of the Prussian ships are very angular and swept back - reminiscent of a King Tiger's hull. I think they look the most contemporary of all the Dystopian fleets. I'm quite looking forward to doing up the their zeppelin aircraft carrier as the model looks very cool.

The Cruisers
You can see the Tesla coils at the aft of the Cruisers.
I'm now on the hunt for some Maltese cross decals that I can use for these. 

The Prussian Battleship.
Again, Tesla coils along the amidships.
A pair of Heavy Bombers
A couple groups of Fighters with slightly different markings to differentiate the squadrons..
The last and final group will be the American Fleet.  I already have an idea of what I want to do with them but we'll see how it turns out.

In this shot the Battleship has a couple of the 'plug-in' generators.


  1. Those are beautifully done and bloody tempting, really terrific work sir.

  2. Those look great. Dystopian Wars is very tempting, but I think I see how the game systems evolves before jumping in.

    I do like the color scheme on the Huns - really cool

  3. Dude - this stuff is just great. Love the look of it, look forward to seeing it up close in Regina.

  4. Thanks for all the kind words guys! I realize its not everyone's cup of tea but its a great little diversion from muskets and bearskins (though I must say I'm missing Napoleonics already!).

  5. Great looking fleet! Very nicely done.

    I've been tempted by this game as well, but I'll at least wait until next year to see what else they end up releasing.

  6. Thanks again, guys! For those who are 'on the fence', thinking of trying 'Dystopian Wars' I would say that the rules to be quite fune and the investment required for the miniatures is comparably light. The naval battle group boxed sets run around $45 which gives you a fairly balanced force to play with. When you think that a single Games Workshop character figure now runs in the same price range its actually quite a bargain.


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