Saturday, March 5, 2011

New from Curt: 28mm Foundry, 2e Regiment de Ligne (2nd Battalion)

Here is another French battalion to add to the collection (and the Painting Challenge). This is the 2nd Battalion of the 2e Regiment de Ligne.

This regiment has the unique distinction of having served as ship-borne troops in the Battle of Trafalgar. In the 1809 campaign the first two battalions fought as part of Molitor's Division defending, against steep odds, the village of Aspern in the two-day battle of Aspern-Essling.  They were heavily engaged again during the Battle of Wagram less than two months later. The 3rd battalion lost it's colour standard, much to their shame, to Tyrolean rebels under Andreas Hofer (and is now on display in the Army Museum in Innsbruck). The regiment participated in most of the major engagements right up to the Hundred Days Campaign.

The core of this unit existed before as the beginnings of a 20-man battalion, but I have since brought it up to a more strapping 40-man-equivalent unit with some fresh recruits, a couple junior officers, a few casualties and a mounted commanding officer (by Victrix). All in all that makes it 42 figures with all the extra trimmings. The battalion standard is by Flag Dude. 

So, another 22 points to the pot! It does not bridge the gap with JohnM but at least I'm a bit closer...


  1. Dude - outstanding as always. Will look great going up against the "white curtain"

  2. Very much looking forward to that, Greg. I need to get going on some more French cavalry. Non-sexy, workaday stuff: dragoons and chasseurs a cheval. Then I'll start into the more exotic regiments (like those excellent Perry Guard Lancers you got for me).

  3. Great looking unit Curt, I need to get back to the painting table.



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