Friday, March 11, 2011

Naval Action off San Domingo, 1806 - 1:1200 GHQ by Sylvain

Allan's British squadron going into close action.
 Sylvain was kind enough to host a great game last night using his redux version of the 'Trafalgar' rules. The scenario was the 1806 naval action that was fought off the coast of San Domingo. Due to atrocious rolls on my part I spent a good portion of the game waiting in the wings with my squadron, spouting pithy (read: useless) advise, while Allan took it in the teeth for King and Country. That being said he did a very handsome job in not only tying-up the majority of the French squadron but by also gutting their flagship and mauling another 74-gun ship-of-the-line. By the time I leisurely cruised into the action, with pennants bravely waving, it was pretty much last call for the French (by saying this I do a great disservice to Stacy who actually played a very good game as the unfortunate Admiral Leissegues). 

The HMS Spencer bashing it out with two French 74s.
Please excuse the crap photos as they were snapped with my iphone as I tottered over the table. Nonetheless, it should give you a good idea of the beautiful models in Sylvain's collection. I especially like the wrecked vignettes he's done. Great stuff, Sylvain - Bravo!

'Keep rowing, Pierre, Haiti is only 200 miles away. Can someone please pass the bilge water...?'

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