Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Napoleonic Hypothetical Scenario: The British Retreat from Waterloo

Over in the 'Past Games' section you will find a Napoleonic scenario I cooked-up for a recent set of games. Its built around one of those crazy 'what if's' of history.  The basic premise is that after the battle of Ligny the Prussians decide to fall back on their lines of communication instead of supporting Wellington. The Duke is subsequently defeated at Waterloo. The action depicted takes place during the British mad dash to the sea (and the salvation of the Royal Navy) at a village which overlooks a pontoon bridge crossing the river Rupel. The position has to be held to allow the army to retreat on to Antwerp, but for the French this is a golden opportunity to finally rid itself of 'Perfidious Albion.'

I've put this scenario on a couple times now. Once up in Saskatoon for Tim and John as a 'Black Powder' game (see Tim's report here) and last week using 'Republic to Empire' for the lads here  at home (report to follow). Perhaps next we'll use 'Lasalle'...

I apologize in advance to the scenario's length. I definitely was not living up to my given name when I wrote it up...

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