Monday, February 14, 2011

JohnM again: 28mm 10e Cuirassiers (redux)

"I don't know about you, Francois, but I found the green more slimming..."
These Perry boys, originally in Dragoon Green, were sent back to 'Wardrobe' for a costume change and here they are in all their Blue glory! Well done John, they look great!

I understand that four of these were done before the Painting Challenge so we'll count the remaining eight for the scoreboard. I'll have to get going so John does not squeak in a hat-trick!


  1. Very Nice!

    Oh! I'm officially on the list!? I better get painting!!

  2. Absolutely Tim! I know you are a painting machine so I expect the wheels of industry to show dividends soon.

    ...and what about the Fawcett Avenue Conscripts? I hope we see results coming out of Winnipeg as well. (cracks whip) ;)

  3. Unfortunately I'm pretty stoked about painting Africans at the moments...

    Ah, I got until May, right? LOTS of time to catch up...

    My Renegade stuff did arrive last week and I got everything onto temporary painting bases...

  4. I would not worry about a hat-trick Curt, still have 13 Hungarians to go!


    ps I will look forward to seeing some of you colleague' work.

  5. Tim: Don't wait too long or catching up will not be an option as we have some pretty motivated people coming online soon.

    John: I've seen sample figures from both Stacy and Sylvain and they are doing some very nice work (Calpe Prussians and new Victrix metal early-period Russians, respectively).


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