Monday, March 4, 2024

Harkonnen Ornithopter

Umm. Sire, I think we can confirm Wormsign...

Late Friday night Lady Sarah and I went to the late night premier of Dune II which we very much enjoyed. Wow, what a feast for the eyes and ears! Epic sci-fi at its best.

I've been quite taken by the design of the ornithopers over the past two movies. I love how menacingly instectoid they look. Without giving anything away, I can safely say that the their perceived lethality has nothing but increased in the recent film. Two words: Overwatch Fire - Yikes.

I found this great ornithopter model by Hardware Studios on MyMiniFactory and had it printing while we were at the movie (I know. Such. A. Geek.). Originally designed for 6mm, I nudged the scale up a touch to fit more in-line with my Legions Imperialis stuff (for a non STC pattern - clutches pearls!). 

I typically struggle with vehicles, but this little beast was fairly straightforward. I wanted to keep it pretty dark and basic with just panel highlighting and a touch of metallic here and there. I mounted it on a magnetic ball and gimbal flight stand so it can be tilted and posed (with the suitable ornithoptery noises). It was a fun model to work on.


- Curt


  1. Lovely! Are you going to make an Atreides version as well? Or maybe a giant worm for it to duel with?

    1. Now, wouldn't that be fun! It would be cool to do a different variant...

  2. Super print and paint-job, Curt. You're clearly a master at getting your 3D printer to produce slender elements like those wings. It looks awesome.

    As to the film I've never sadly made it through the new flick's Part One. I'm a massive David Lynch version fan - owning several versions of it on different formats, and just can't get into the new movies as a result.

    1. I find that choice of resin has a lot to do with print success/failures. I'm a big fan of Elegoo's ABS-Like resin. It's never let me down.

      Yeah, I love the Lynch versions as well. They really hold up (esp the costumes and set design) Nonetheless, I'm loving what Villeneuve is doing with Herbert's work. There's a hard, calculating edge to Paul and Jessica that I quite enjoy.


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