Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Fantasy figures for 'Forbidden Psalm'

Hi All,

We had a rollicking game of 'Forbidden Psalm' this past Friday for which I blitzed a few figures for the scenario. Being jazzed on the fun I managed to get a couple extra done this weekend.

First up are three 'Disembowelled Ghouls'. These marvellously manky mooks are from Knucklebone Miniatures. I regret to say that no fancy lotions or skin serums are going to help these lads.

Three 'Sock Goblins' from Westphalia Miniatures. I particularly like the guy with the dirty sock pulled over his honker, taking a big snort.

A group of poor deaduns from Vae Victus Miniatures. An admittedly fast and choppy paintjob. *cringes* In my defence, I figure they're dead and aren't really meant to look their best.

Three doughty adventurers ready to go dungeon traipsing. We have: 'Tim the Torchbearer', 'Cathcart the Cat Catcher' and 'Gundalf the Fire Wizard' (with his trusty 'Wand of .45 Magic Missiles'). I really enjoyed working on all these figures, especially the pink boa for Gundalf (I envision him as a fearless, fashion-forward kind of guy). Tim and Gundalf are Knucklebone designs, while Cathcart is from Collective Studio.

And finally the big punchline to last Friday's adventure: 'The Corpse Collector'! His jam is that after he slaps you around for a bit, he swipes you up and impales you up on his Thule Corpse Rack (TM). This way he keeps you fresh for future road nibbles. I know, eewww! This big boy is from PrintYourMonsters.

Thanks for popping in for a peak!

- Curt


  1. Wonderfully grotesque! Is Forbidden Psalm a core rule set? I only ask as I picked up Forbidden Psalm: Last War as a back burner project and just curious to know if there are commonalties across the rules? Not really sat down to play yet, just something I drift in and out of.

    1. Thank you Michael! Yes, Forbidden Psalm is a stand alone fantasy set using many of the same mechanics as Last War. Both are distant variants of the Scandinavian death metal RPG 'Mork Borg'.

    2. Amazing, thank you. Looking forward to see where that particular rabbit hole leads me.


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