Wednesday, February 1, 2023

10mm Wood Elf Archers and Warhawk Riders

Hey there!

For a little change of pace this week I decided to add a few more units to my 10mm Wood Elf army which I laid the foundations for last year.

Included today are four units of archers along with a unit of warhawk riders.

It seems thematic that there should be scads of archers in an Elf army, especially elf archers nestled within a treeline - so here you go.

The pine trees are 3d prints. I like how they're a little chunky and abstract. I try to incorporate a bit of terrain with my bases as, in addition to adding a little visual interest, they also serve as a way for players to easily pick them up.

I had fun working on the feathers of the warhawks. I tried to keep it simple and relatively high-contrast.

Again, the tree-handle may help in their contact with Peter's over-enthusiastic digits. We'll see. :)

The figures here are all 3d prints from the very talented 'Forest Dragon'.

I'll be using these with M2, which is a clever fantasy variant of 'To The Strongest'. 

And to close, here's a pic of the collection as it stands. Other than a couple more command stands, I think I may have enough for an actual game - hooray!

Thanks for dropping in for a look and have a terrific day!

- Curt


  1. Lovely! The trees are a bit abstract as you say, but they work fine as "trees" and look like they are great as handles too!

    1. Thanks! Yes, they are just treelike enough for me and are robust enough to handle.

  2. incorporating handles into the basses is brilliant.
    Also saves you from the overly thick bases that some folks use for the same reason

    1. Thanks James! Yes, I still have fairly thick bases for these, but perhaps these little player-aids will stack with the bases to help with gameplay.


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