Wednesday, January 18, 2023

'Sukiyaki the Inscrutable'

Here's a classic for you. 'Sukiyaki The Inscrutable', a Games Workshop chaos warrior, first released waay, waaay back in 1985, and then advertised in White Dwarf 81, September 1986.

I've done him as a Japanese demon, an Oni, or at least a flamboyant multi-chromatic one! As a bit of fun, I indulged myself with portions of his lacquered armour, using some riotous shades from Greenstuff World's 'Colourshift Paints'. After that, I thought a bone breastplate, helmet and sword would be suitably creepy, and provide a counterpoint to the rest of his flashy kit.

'Sukiyaki' is a gift to my good pal, Sidney Roundwood, who is madly working on his to-be-released samurai skirmish rules (which we've already been treated to a tantalising preview). I know Sid has a great affection for Aly Morrison's early Samurai models, so I thought he might enjoy 'Sukiyaki' capering around, causing mischief in some future game.

- Curt


  1. Good morning, I realize this is an older post but I wanted to say I really enjoy how you painted this figure, I am currently seeking out this figure based on the way you painted it here. I'm just getting started painting and appreciate your mentioning the paint you used on the lamellar. I do have a quick question, if you don't mind: could you reveal what colors and technique you used to do the bone effect on the helmet and the breastplate?
    Thank you, take care,

    1. Hi Ed, thanks for dropping in to look and comment.

      The lamellar armour was painted using Colourshift Metal paints from Greenstuff World. I believe the the white on the mask and breastplate was done using a base of Vallejo 'Silver Grey' 70.883, which I then covered with a thin wash of Citadel Contrast 'Apothecary White' and then edge highligted with the Silver Grey.

    2. Thank you very much for the reply, I appreciate it. I will look for those colors. If I may, do you happen to remember how you did the hands? Thank you, I hope all ithe questions are OK. Have a good day.

    3. No worries! I think I painted the hands with Citadel Mephiston Red, highlighted with Vallejo Scarlet.


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