Monday, January 13, 2020

Kate Winthrop 'The Scientist' from 'Mansions of Madness' - Entry #6 to AHPCX

Continuing on my riff of heroines from 'Mansions of Madness' I present to you Kate Winthrop, 'The Scientist'.

In the game's background, Kate witnessed one of her fellow scientists being ripped apart by a strange being from anther dimension. From that horrific experience she was determined to create a device to combat these terrible creatures - thus the 'Flux Stabilizer' was born. In game terms, this allows her to disrupt the placement and movement of monsters on the board, which can come in very, very handy.

This being said, Kate's a bit of a hot-n-cold character. In monster-heavy scenarios her Flux Stabilizer can be an absolute game winner, but if the setting is more investigative then her special ability will not be as on-point and she may struggle a bit.  

A somewhat rough and quick paintjob, I found the figure for Kate to be a little soft in detail, so I tried to amp it up by layering in some high contrast on her lab coat and giving her a touch of vibrant blue as a counterpoint. 


Next destination for me: Piper's Peak!


  1. Another smashing piece Curt, lovely job.

    1. Thank you Michael. Just so you know, I'll have something ready for your 'Awdry's Atoll' in a week or so. :)

  2. nicely done Curt, I remember painting this figure a couple of years ago and it is indeed very "soft". Yours came out very well, I think I might of missedthe protruding ears on mine!

    1. Thanks very much, John. Yes, she has a bit of a Vulkan look about her, doesn't she?


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