Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Entry #16 to AHPC VIII: Zweihänder Flammenschwert Casualty Stand

It's been a rather hectic time lately, but I have managed to nudge a few figures to completion - so, another casualty stand to add to my Italian Wars collection - the last one was cavalry based, so this time I've gone with an infantry theme. 

Here we have a heavily armoured landsknecht with his zweihänder flammenschwert (quite literally 'two-handed flaming sword') demanding blood or surrender from a fallen enemy.

The poor bloke on the ground is a model from Redoubt Enterprise's oft forgotten Renaissance range, while the fellow wrecking his day with the compensator sword was sourced from Oliver over at Steel Fist Miniatures. 

Thanks for popping in folks!


  1. Beautiful work, Curt (especially if you've been busy with other things lately). I love the way the base seems to have a section cut out of it. You don't often see that, and it's very visually effective.

    1. Thanks Matthew. It's been a bit bonkers lately, but I take solace whenever I can carve out a few minutes to get a brush in hand.

  2. Another superb casualty base, great use of the figures.


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