Monday, November 20, 2017

The Call is Out for The Eighth Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge

If you're interested in joining this year's Painting Challenge please head over to the Challenge blog.

I guarantee you, it's going to be MONSTROUS!


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    1. It is indeed Michael. And I have your parole as a Minion this year, no less. This is going to be fun...

  2. oh let the fun and games begin well almost, not quite but soon but not to soon but soon enough yeehhaaa

  3. Curt I've emailed you if you don't get it my email is Sam even as before

  4. Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful submissions. A great challenge to all!

  5. So, the Challenge call will regularly be issued on my birthday? Good for keeping track.

    One of the hardest parts of both the Challenge and blogging period is the photos. I've got a lightbox, and a reasonably decent lens on my phone, but the photos always seem to turn out less than stellar. The black background in your photos is a stellar way to showcase the minis, and is increasingly copied by others in the Challenge. Any chance of a tutorial on how to get those crisp black backgrounds in your photos?

    1. Thanks for your kind words Robert. I'll have to remember to do a blurb on my process, such as it is. Basically I just use my iphone, a black velvet backdrop and the image tools in Apple's 'Photo' app (in particular the exposure and 'black point' settings).


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