Saturday, March 15, 2014

From KevinS: 28mm WWI Captured British Mark IV in German Service (15 points)

From Kevin:
More pics for you today as I finish up a few "almost done" projects.  Here's an Old Glory Mk IV converted into a German Beutepanzer.
The Germans were adept at capturing and salvaging or appropriating British tanks for their own purposes in the later years of the Great War.  In fact, one history I read stated that my previous submission, Fray Bentos, was eventually transported to the Fatherland and shown to the Kaiser himself.  In any case, here is another Old Glory Mk IV, in German livery. 
I based the paint scheme loosely on contemporary photographs and Osprey's volume on the German Panzers of World War I, as well as some artistic license by using stahlhelm colors.  The combination of Maltese Cross and skull and crossbones is found in photographic evidence.  
Two modifications I've not included but which would increase the historical accuracy would be to completely remove the forward-most Lewis gun and replace it with an anti-tank rifle or indeed no armament at all, and to put an escape hatch on the upper part of the hull.  I've yet to find an image that shows the position of the escape hatch German modification.  More armour and infantry to come in the next few days.
Wonderful work Kevin. I remember a while back when you first got your Old Glory Mark IVs and discovered that they did not really mix well with your existing Foundry machines. I think this is an excellent use of the model.  I also quite like your interpretation of the German 'stormtrooper' camo. 

I'm curious about your hatch question: Have you tried to examine photos from the post war German revolution? I remember seeing many photos of Friekorps troops next to captured British Mark IVs and wonder if any of those images show any hatch detail. Interesting little puzzle.

This fine lump of British ingenuity will give Kevin 15 points. Thanks for sending it in!


  1. Very nice. But I feel it really needs some dirt! Even though it would be a shame to mess up that paint job!

  2. Very nice vehicle; fantastic painting work!

  3. Nice looking land iron clad. I like the German markings.
    Cheers, PD

  4. Stunning camo work on the beast. WW1 tanks have an appeal unto their own. Best, Dean

  5. Well that should change the shape of the battle field. Nice workmanship.

  6. That looks real cool i love the paint scheme

  7. Great looking bit of kit you have there sir.

  8. I bet the Kaiser loved his new Landschiff - top shelf stuff there, well done!


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