Monday, March 3, 2014

From JohnM: 20mm WWII British Paratroops (106 Points)

From John:
British Airborne Platoon:
Here we have 27 more 20mm figures from TQD, they complete my Paratrooper Platoon for Chain of Command. I also added one support element a 5 man Vickers MG team. I am happy to have the project done and am quite pleased with the figures, they are very nice castings.

In order to get enough riflemen I had to use their Polish paratroopers, but as far as I can see they are indistinguishable. I took Curt's advice and used Agrax Earthshade to blend the dennison smock's three different colours for a somewhat smoother transition. The two snipers are from the PSC late war infantry box. 

The last photo details the whole platoon and includes figures previously submitted. 
From left to right you can see the command group with the Lieutenant and Platoon Sergeant as well as a 2" Mortar team, a Piat team and a Sniper. Behind them is the 5 man Vicker's MG team (List 4). Next we have sections 1 & 2, with Section Sergeant as well as a 3 man Bren team and a 6 man rifle team (one man is armed with a Sten). Section 3 is a little different with a Section Sergeant as well as two Bren teams with 4 men, one armed with a Sten. This Section also has an attached Sniper. They have a Platoon Force rating of 8+ and 6 Command Dice. I will look forward in putting them up against some Panzergrenadiers.
Wonderful work John. It's great to have watched this whole reinforced platoon come together over the Challenge. I think your Denison camo came out great. Also, I wonder if those TDQ are the same as the old SHQ line? They look very similar to me (I like those crouching poses and its wonderful to see plucky Major Frost in there with his hunting horn). 

This group of British Paras will give John 106 points. Lovely work!


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