Monday, February 10, 2014

From ReneV: 28mm WWII American Infantry (125 points)

Hi all,
My next entry are some 28mm US infantry figures.
They are from different brands (see if you can guess which is what) and are intended for my US infantry Chain of Command force. In spite of the fact that most players seem to have a knack for the Brits or for US para's I decided early on that both for my German and US Force I would be aiming for a standard infantry platoon and add ons.
Because my buying pattern for this force was a bit strange this entry is mostly composed of support troops. A .30 Cal machine gun, 0.50 Cal machine gun a sniper team, a forward observer to call in the battalion mortars, a platoon commander and bazooka team and part of his first squad (rest got lost with the wrong map and no compass).

Combined to a total of 24 figures.
Also included in this entry are 4 resin pieces that serve as Jump-Off points used in the game. Since I don't even know if they are worth any points I am of course counting on Curt's generous nature.

I thought about including his city of residence on one of the signs but given that I cant find any explanation whatsoever to justify the name in a Normandy setting I decided against it.
Excellent work Rene. I don't know if I've ever seen a .50 cal deployed as a support weapon - pretty ferocious stuff! 

Phil can well comment on my meagre nature as I didn't give him a single point for his excellent shell impact markers. So I regret that I can't score your Jump-Off markers, but they do look very good. In regards to your comment on having signs pointing back 'home' this was actually fairly common near the front. For example, one sign would be pointing 'Caen 8 Miles' and another, the opposite direction, 'Regina 4228 Miles' (yes, I checked on the distance). :)

This force of American infantry will give Rene 125 points. Great job!


  1. Nice work, Rene! I like the dusty, worn look you've achieved. Also, the R/T guy's whip aerial looks smart, too!

  2. I also like the dusty dried in the sun look to the clothes. Always nice to see standard troops as opposed to Elite forces. Nice Job.

  3. Top job Rene! Good to see your common garden variety PBI getting some love.

  4. Good looking bunch of figures.
    Great job.

  5. You have nailed the American's great work


  6. That's some nice stuff. Very much like the jump off markers.


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