Thursday, February 27, 2014

From PaulJ: 28mm WWII British Paras (55 points)

From PaulJ:
Here is another section of WW2 British Paratroopers in 28mm.  They are a combination of Warlord and Crusader metal figures.
A fourth Infantry section provides an additional support element to my core three section platoon. 
The second PIAT team also add a bit of redundancy to the platoon.  The PIAT isnt that good an anti tank weapon, but its handy to keep the lighter and recon stuff at arms reach.  Having only team makes it a bit vulnerable, and an extra team should help build a crossfire too.

For those who asked for more closeups of the rest of my Para platoon I've uploaded a bunch of closeups and pictures here:

Lovely work Paul. You've really hit your stride with these fellows. They all look superb but I especially like the photos of the prone PIAT team - your garden should be free of critters with these lads guarding the verge.

This section of paras will give Paul 55 points. Nicely done! (As you see your choice of 800 points for your second points target was a bit conservative. I still think you should go for 900... just sayin'.)


  1. I like the prone figures as well. These are well painted figures and the way you photographed them is superb.

  2. Very nice. And while the Piat is not an ideal AT weapon yours looks the business.

  3. Very nicely done - I look forward to seeing them in a battler report on your blog in the near future

  4. Lovely painting! I'm pretty sure they'll be doing their best defending your garden from those pesky Krauts.

  5. Really nice, love the uniform colours


  6. Great stuff Paul. I like the way you photographed them outside too.

  7. Great stuff Paul. I think you've really nailed the smocks. I could do with some of them to keep the pests off my vegetable garden.


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