Wednesday, February 5, 2014

From Kawe: 40K Commissar (5 points)

You certainly don't want to get an itch or be adjusting your underwear with this prosthesis...

From Kawe:
I was recruiting a lot of old imperial guard type GW models into some Weird WWII sort off skirmish force that I am slowly building.
Now I got around to painting another one. I did him up in field-grey and panzer yellow - all colors on display come from the yellow, green, skin black and white sets from Andrea . I think there's a few too many skulls on this mini to represent the wehrmacht but there you go.

That's a very cool idea to use some of GWs stuff for Weird WWII. I could easily see using Forge World's 'Death Korps of Krieg' for this kind of project.

This commissar will give Kawe 5 points.


  1. If he's meant to be SS he's probably short a few skulls. Maybe an old skool Yarrick figure would fit the bill? I remember trying to count the skulls on him once and gave up when it passed 30 :-)

    Regardless, very cool idea drafting in these figs, especially tying in the colour scheme. Nice job.

  2. Great idea and good painting.

  3. Thank you guys, I really wanted to make a weary Wehrmacht unit rather than yet another SS unit with fancy camo and skulls everywhere.

  4. Amazing idea and well executed. WWW2 is one of my favourite settings.

  5. "Heinz, have you seen our cap badges? They've got skulls on them! Are we... the baddies...?


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