Friday, February 7, 2014

From JohnM: 28mm Dark Age Anglo Saxon Slingers (40 points)

From John:
These 28 mm figures are from Gripping Beast and will serve in my SAGA Anglo Saxon warband. This completes my SAGA project: 4 Six Point Warbands and 5 Swords for Hire. These figures were done again with multi coloured washes over a 2 layer paint job, but maybe not as successful as the LoTR dwarves. Simpler figures of course but the transitions did not work out as well. Try to spot the Vulcan slinger!

I am hoping that I am over 750 points with this submission as I believe we passed the half point in the contest last weekend. I have one more submission left from what I primed before the contest done which I should be submitting shortly. Then it is a little up in the air where I shall head next. Certainly more Winter War Finns and British Paratroopers will be done once they are received in the mail. I should do some more Napoleonics and I also have ordered a small unit to add to my FIW collection. We shall just have to see.

Very nice John. Maybe it's just me, and harder transitions aside, I still think I prefer these to your previous dip method.  

Wow, with four warbands you could run a mini-tournament in your house now!  Wouldn't your wife be delighted? Yes, I'm sure.

These slingers will give John 40 points. 

FYI, Spock is second from the right. Must have been on of those time travel episodes. :-)


  1. "Fascinating, Captain. It appears to be a primitive delivery system for extemporised missile weapons."

    Nice one, John, you're certainly doing well with your SAGA project; I'm still stuck on the sixth point of my first warband! I must work harder...

    1. LOL. I was halfway through reading the comment when it suddenly clicked who must have written it.

  2. Nice work John love the ochre colour!

  3. Cool looking slingers. They themselves look really cool too.

  4. Great work on these slingers John :)

  5. John
    Very nice. I like your wash technique on these - I use a lot of washes myself. Once a year for me, whether I need it or not, but many times on the figures.
    Cheers, PD


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