Monday, January 6, 2014

From KentG: 28mm WWI German Stormtroopers (25 points)

Okay! Lets get the show back on the road! I've adjusted everyone's points totals to reflect the recent bonus round and we've had a bit of a shakeup amongst the top ranks, with Andrew taking the lead once again. Not to be deterred Kent submits this excellent group of Great War German trench raiders to close the gap.

From Kent:
We have 5 28mm German storm troopers manufacture unknown. sadly when I'd finished these guys i found one more which now i must paint the same which is all good except the helmets which because there was so few I just made up on the spot. 
I'm busy working away at 7 different lots to try and keep the wheels of war rolling. but thought  hey lets pop these fellas out at the end of a 4 hour session.

Great job Kent. I really like the splinter camo on the helmets and the dull steel of the one fellow's breastplate.

These five stormtroopers will give Kent 25 points. Nice job!


  1. Good stuff Kent do you never rest
    Peace James

  2. Good work. I like the fact you have several things in the works at one time.

  3. Very fine indeed, Kent. I like these chaps a lot. The camo helmets look very good, and I really like the blue you've used on them. That makes them very distinctive - they'll look splendid on the tabletop (I think they're Great War Miniatures' German Trench Raiders - I've a couple myself).

  4. Thanks for that Sidney nice to know the make and thats everyone for the comments

  5. Nice work Kent. I've got some of these figs too. I really like your helmet colours.

  6. Lovely stuff Kent.
    Great job on the helmets

  7. More WWI niceness, you guys who are in to these really produce great looking figures


  8. Wot... Only 5 figures!! Very nice though.


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