Monday, January 13, 2014

From AndrewS: 20mm Nubian Archers (128 points)

Andrew rallies from being tipped out of the leading position and submits these excellent Nubian archers to regain his standing.

From Andrew:
Knowing my good buddy and rival in this years madness Kevin has snuck up behind me like a stealth bomber and dropped a large payload of very nice Vikings, its serves to keep on my toes and stay focussed on the task in hand. So, I have managed to complete the last 4 units of Nubian Skirmish Archers for the Nubian Army. This army is huge but I am almost half way through on presentation of these.
As with the previous submission each unit comprises eight figures for a total of 32 (20mm) all from the Hat range. These represent the skirmish elements for the 3rd and 4th divisions of the Nubian army I am building. As the Mad Padre described the distinguishing of the units wonderfully these guys come equipped with colour coded “Willie Whackers”!! this really raised a smile when I read it and it has stuck since.

The bases are the same larger ones as before so removing the need to split bases and have gaps I used the wider bases. These are in two sections as when they form part of the later Egyptian army they are half the size in Hail Caesar. I continued with the informality and added some rocks to these bases so as to be depicted in the rough terrain areas these types excel in and ensuring they match with the existing forces.

Wonderful stuff Andrew. I'm delighted to see that the Challenge is prompting the completion of not only beautiful single figures and vignettes (i.e. Anne & Sidney) but also of full armies (i.e. Millsy, Kev and yourself). Warms the cockles of my heart, it does!

These archers will give Andrew 128 points which will indeed give him enough to pop him back into 1st place in the points standings. Nicely done LOKI!


  1. Well done Andrew. Excellent work as usual.

  2. Andrew
    Colour coded Willie Whackers eh? Well done on the troops.

  3. The ninja strikes back, damn you.
    Bloody good stuff again bud.

  4. The ninja strikes back, damn you.
    Bloody good stuff again bud.

  5. Brilliant work with your colour coded Willie Whackers!

  6. That'a a lot of nice looking figures


  7. I guess you need your cockles warming in this deepest winter, Curt!

    A fine addition to an impressive force.

    1. Yes, they have been rather frosty of late!


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