Thursday, December 26, 2013

From JamesB: 28mm North-West Frontier Infantry & Cavalry (320 points)

James enters our paint-spattered melee with these lovely North-West Frontier figures.

From James:
Here is my first non-bonus entry. I have the first of what will be several lots of NWF figures. 
These are all from the very fine Foundry Miniatures range and most were purchased during last years Challenge with a view to this year. 

I have a unit of 15 Sikh Infantry a unit of 20 Guide Infantry, a Screw Gun and crew and my favourite unit so far, the Bengal Hussars. 

These are all based individually on round 2p bases so we can use them for skirmish games but I have loads of movement trays from Warbase so I can also play Black Powder for bigger games.

Beautiful work James! They are all wonderful figures but I have to agree with you on the Hussars, they are gorgeous.

These great NWF figures will give James an impressive 320 points. Good to see you in with the heavy-hitters, James!


  1. Very fine, especially the hussars. I always wonder why I went Sudan rather than NWF

  2. Really great figures i love the hussars as well but everything is great

  3. Oh those are amazing! What a collection!

    I've always been tempted to do the NWF... I must never look at this page again...

  4. Well deserved high scoring - these guys look the business. Nice uniform details and basing to boot. Best, Dean

  5. That vignette is most excellent James. Great figures and a cracking job.

    Also great point haul!!

  6. Excellent. That's a whole load of khaki!

  7. These are very nice, especially the Hussars

    Seems you wait till you can see the white of their eyes before sending in a volley


  8. That's quite an entry sir! Love the Bengalis, especially the turbans. Good to see the NWF getting some attention.

  9. Great work - especially the Hussars. Beauties.

  10. Excellent work James. They really do look fantastic.

  11. Awesome painting! Your basing looks spot on also.

  12. Excellent work James! Really like those hussars,

  13. and James hits the ground running at high speed!

    Excellent work sir!

  14. These look absolutely beautiful! You've made me want to get into this period.


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