Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Challenge Rearguard: Sidney and Jacco - Great War, ACW & Ronin #41

It seems that the end of every Challenge creates a certain panic amongst many of the participants (me included) to get those last projects submitted under-the-wire.  Unfortunately both Sidney and Jacco sent these in after the deadline but I felt that they needed to be acknowledged for both their brave efforts and excellent craftsmanship.

First, from Sidney:
So while the spirit has been strong, I just haven’t had the time to do any more French Poilu to a finishing point – and there’s no point showing 56 half-finished Frenchmen, is there?  Depressing doesn’t come close!!  All my plans way back in December – well, they look a bit flat now, sadly.  But rest assured, I’ll be getting them all finished and done and wargame-d with as soon as I can.  That’s a promise!
So here, instead, are two small additions from my efforts.  One’s a German 77mm field gun and accompanying officer which I’d based up at the start of the Challenge and managed to finish off in late February.  
The 77mm field gun and figures on the artillery base are Great War Miniatures from their late Great War range.  
The officer is from Renegade Miniatures.  The artillery piece fits together a treat, with little fuss, although the seated gunners need a bit of care to get to the right position and in the end I pinned them in place. 

The second is my ronin, for Curt's collection.  He’s one of the old Games Workshop series, sculpted by Aly Morrison in 1984 and still as wonderful to paint today as ever.  
The Games Workshop “Nippon” range then was acquired by Bryan Ansell when he started Wargames Foundry in the late 1980s, and continues to be offered by Foundry until now I think.  The figures was modelled originally (I think) on Oda Nobunaga – not very “ronin”, but a striking pose none the less and some terrific lamellar armour to get the paintbrush around.

If there was a range which has stood the test of time, its been Aly’s wonderful samurai and ronin figures – and I’ve seen a few of them painted by my fellow ronins here!

And, from Jacco:
Too late but here they are.
The 147th NY Infantry regiment. Part of 1st Corps 2nd Division at Gettysburg.
I hope to do a better competition next year (I'll hold you to that, Jacco. ed)

Fabulous work guys! 

Jacco, you wowed us with your previous ACW entries (the Federal mortars are one of my personal favourites) and these certainly do not disappoint. What are the make of these figures? Are they from the Redoubt range? I very much look forward to seeing these fellows in action (along with Rob's lads) on Mike's blog in the future.

Sidney, again, amazing work with that 77mm German gun (I love your splinter-pattern camo). I've always liked the way you use the diffused brick dust to add that great punch of red to your bases - wonderful. And speaking of wonderful, Ronin #41 is quite spectacular in his laminate armour. I particularly like the 'sunburst' fan of his helmet crest. No missing him on the field of battle! Thanks so much for this!

So there you have it. We have the valiant rearguard safely within the fold in order to close the 3rd Challenge 'campaign'. Well done Sidney and Jacco and thank you!


  1. Nice work guys, they're all extremely well painted. Shame they didn't make the final deadline.

  2. It may be too late to score but these are superb. Glad you submitted them


  3. good work guys remember to keep you powders dry for next year

  4. yup. Special mention for the ronin.



  5. Quality brush work here guys. Deserves to be seen by many.


  6. Absolutly lovely figures Sidney!

    However, as a true (ie completely drunk) Englishwoman, why on earth didn't you finish those Frenchies orrrfrff?

    And if you could tell how long it took me to type that, you'd know just how drunk I am. *hiccup*

    1. Oh my, someone call her a cab...

    2. They just can handle their liquor, excellent work boys!

  7. Great entry guys. Sydney - I love the Germans. Your WW1 stuff is amazing.

  8. Superb stuff
    Excellent Samurai.

  9. Excellent painting on all of the figures. I've seen that "Foundry" Samuria many times before, but this paint work looks very impressive. Best, Dean

  10. They are wonderful!!! They deserve a lot of points!!! Fantastic painting work (and I´m going to buy some of these Foundry Samurais...).

  11. All very nice, but that field gun is just super!



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