Sunday, March 17, 2013

From RayR: 28mm Vikings (105 points)

From Ray: 
These Vikings have been painted for a couple of weeks, I just didn't fit in the basing up until now. These are all Gripping Beast plastic figures. I did buy them for myself, to replace the old standard bearers in my Viking army, but nearly lost the will to live gluing them together. 
They may be cheaper than the normal figures, but boy are they hard work. I think the worst thing about them is the heads are stuck to the sprue by the top of the helmet?????? So even after filing and cutting the bloody things, the helmets still look crap!!!! 

As I was painting them bits kept falling off, daggers, shields, heads. So I sent the rest of them to Postie with the order, please put these &^%$£"!  things together before I combust!!

But in the end I'm quite happy with them, I think? All the flags can be downloaded from my blog, if anyone's interested.

These figures may have been a b*tch to put together but you've done a brilliant job with them and the banners finish them off beautifully. 

These fierce Northman banner bearers will give Ray 105 points to add to this total.  Well done!


  1. These look great, can't see the sprue heads issue though


  2. thats a whole load of standards. Looking good I know the plastics make our hobby more affordable but I hate sticking them together the fewer the bits the better for me
    Peace James

  3. Lovely figures and even more lovely banners Ray :)

    The plastics are a pain in the proverbial to put together if you're not used to them. I reckon I've done enough now that I can put up with it, but thank goodness I'll only have about 80 or so more to do.

  4. Fabulous looking commands and banners! Wow - I wish I had just one :)! Best, Dean

  5. Another great entry Ray. Well done.

  6. Fantastic figures, Ray! Really colourful.

  7. Yeah they look great and the flags are awesome.

  8. Lovely work there!

    Nice bases - can I ask how you do yours?


    1. I did a post a while back on my basing, here's a link


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