Saturday, March 2, 2013

From IannickM: 28mm Canaanite Chariots (105 points)

Okay, I'm on the road for work (again...) so I'm desperately trying to catch up on my blogging using a borrowed laptop and a quart of hi-test espresso. So, (rubbing hands together) first up tonight is this beautiful trio of Canaanite chariots from Iannick:
Here's my 4th submission; 3 28mm Canaanite chariots. The primary striking arm of the Canaanite armies,  the elite chariot corps was manned by the social elite of feudal nobles called Maryanna (chariot warriors). Each Maryannu was a professional warrior who maintained his chariot, horses, grooms, driver and equipment at his own expense.

The Maryannu's wealth was derived from his holding of a fief granted by his king. The Canaanite chariot was heavily influenced by its Mitannian counterpart, and was heavier than the Egyptian vehicle but lighter than the Hittite machine. Both charioteers and horses were heavily armoured. It truly was the tank of the biblical times. 

It was my first time painting chariots and I'm pleased with the results. I wanted a colour scheme to set the chariots apart from the rest of the army, mostly in red and pale blue, and to convey their elite status. I chose purple because the region was known for its purple dye, which was laboriously produced from murex shells. The purple cloth was well known far and wide and later was associated by the Romans with nobility and royalty. Fitting, I thought. 

These 3 chariots will be part of a bigger chariot unit, but I wanted to start with a manageable number. I think I'm going to stick with painting them in groups of 3, as I realized painting chariots is longer than one might first think! 
The chariots are Cutting Edge miniatures (fantastic and easy to assemble) and the charioteers are a mix of Foundry and Cutting Edge. 

Wow, superb work Iannick. I particularly like the shield-bearers and that purple is wonderfully lurid - love it. 

These three chariots will give Iannick 105 points. Looking forward to seeing the next set.


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