Saturday, March 9, 2013

From FranL: 28mm ACW & Wild West (415 points)

My favourite Irish lad, Francis, is the poster child for the Wheels of Industry as you'll see below.

From Francis:
Here's some more challenge shenanigans.... Dismounted Confederate cavalry, Wild West Ladies, Poker and a little Victoriana!
Finally finished the confederate dismounted cavalry with horse holders, I added some Foundry kepi boys to the perry mix for variety, 

We also have some western ladies (a mixture of Foundry and Dixon) for some local colour, the taller ladies are from their Victorian range (ladies of the night or day). 
The Lovely Ladies... 
We also have some Dixon bank robbers and casualties (I know more dead and dying), there's also a Victorian dumping the body set (no idea why but it appealed to me), there's some western characters including dancing and coffee, cows, coffins, prospectors and chuck wagon guys and finally some poker players, drinkers and a piano player!
Dixon Bank Robbers and Casualties

A Victorian vignette of 'Dumping the Body'

Now moving on to Apaches and Union cavalry.......
Wowzaa! Again, another incredible whack of figures from Fran. Amazing. So many of these are brilliant. I love the decorous ladies, the saloon set is fabulous (that dancer just kills me) but the 'Dumping the Body' is my hands-down favourite as it warms my black, black heart.

This smorgasbord of Western figures will give Francis a very impressive 415 points. Well done young man!


  1. Lovely figures Fran!

    But will it be enough to stop me? My Swiss pikemen will put me ahead (just) but I'll lay odds that he's got more figures waiting in the wings....

  2. Your favorite Irishman, my favorite person on all of bloggerland!

    These look so great Fran. You did have ladies of the night after all-the colours are wonderful. There's so much to look at here and all of it so much better than anything Rousell has painted for the contest.

  3. Blimey, that's almost as many points as my whole entry for the competition. That's some mighty fast brush work sir.

    Love some of the miniatures you have in the collection, I think the table of gambling fellas is my favourite.

  4. Wow these are great, love the ladies, er I mean.............


  5. These are tremendous Fran, fabulous, characterful work.

  6. Very nice Fran, I especially like the yellow on the ACW figures.


  7. Bleedin hell Fran, excellent submission.
    Truly great stuff.
    I better get a move on.

  8. Excellent job there Fran , some real crackers in there. I love the guy playing the fiddle


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