Monday, March 4, 2013

From ChrisP: 28mm and 15mm Vietnam Era Helicopters, Phantom II & F16 Jets (84 points)

Another great Vietnam War entry from Chris:
Back to Vietnam (and beyond) for this stack of painting, from a whole variety of manufacturers!
First up, is the big boy, the 1/48th scale Revell UH-1. I made it basically exactly out of the box, leaving off the parts for the gunship variant, but also leaving off the side doors. In combat, the slick pilots left off the doors, they wanted to get as much power to weight as possible! Not the safest if you are the guy on the inside, but there it is. This is painted up as a US Army bird, even though there are two Eureka ANZACs sitting inside! The reason for this is despite Australia sending a fleet of it's own Hueys, the helicopters were forbidden by the government from going into "hot" LZs. What this meant was that when ANZAC troops were dropped into combat zones, it was done by American aircraft. Overall, I am really happy with how it looks! So many lessons learned from making the MH-6s went into building this one, so I am much happier with how it went together. The rotors are magnetized for easy travel, but also because it is cool to spin them.....

So from big, to small. My 15mm US Airborne needed some transport for Vietnam, so there are three Flashpoint miniatures plastic UH-1s. Made straight as the kit asked, with the doors left off like the big Huey. While moving to a new city, like a muppet, I threw away the plastic for the canopy windows! So the manufacturer is hunting me some more down, but it looks like it will arrive much after the competition finishes, hence me putting these up in a non-100% finished state. The kit also came with some door gunners and a few seated infantry, which really add to the model, plus add some weight so that the helicopter sits on it's skids properly!

Fire Support comes in the form of a second Huey Gunship, again armed with a chin mounted 40mm Grenade Launcher, plus the massive rocket batteries on either side! This one I have affectionately named Smokey the Bear, and is a standard Battlefront kit. Size wise, it is comparable to the Flashpoint plastics, but costs twice as much, and has less detail. But then again, it is in resin not plastic, so you get that! I still like it, and it will be a partner for the one that I completed earlier in the competition.

Close Air Support comes in the form of a 1/144 F4 Phantom II, from Academy. This was a cool kit, nice and simple and painted up really nicely, which my photos don't really show (my camera is terrible, and it saddens me). The underside shot is to show off the four centerline mounted sidewinder missiles, which were blue! I am not that happy with this aircraft, but for $3, I can't really complain!

So, there you have it. Air Power! I might be getting a reputation as the "Helicopter Guy", so next update will be something less airmobile... Although I do have one helicopter to go in the competition, any guesses what?
Very nice work Chris. I admire your tenacity in getting that trio of Hueys done up (even taking account the delayed canopies). The 1/48 scale 'Slick' is awesome but I can't imagine doing enough for a proper platoon insertion in 28mm.

This submission will give Chris 84 points. Great stuff!


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