Friday, February 8, 2013

From SebG: 15mm Swiss Pikes (67 points)

From Seb: 
For my new entry, I've sent you something not related to the TYW, though they're still in 15mm. What you have here is a full 32 foot Swiss Pike unit from Mirliton.I had them for more than a year, and I think they might be handy for my next medieval army. I know Tamsin will also send you a pike block, so here's mine first ;)

I've given them the flgs from Bern, Uri, Unterwalden and Thun. I don't know if there is an historical reason for that, but I wanted to work on my white and yellow, and I think I found a way which pleases me. And if you look closely, the 8 bases are on a movement tray I bought from Warbases, I just added some sand, paint and flock, and voila! An easy-to-move pike block.
Excellent! I love the look of a hedge of pikes and these certainly are the business with their canton banners waving bravely - pretty inspiring stuff. The movement tray works very well. Are you going to put in a blank base of terrain to fill in the last row?

These 32 will give Seb 67 points to add to his total.


  1. Love the colours and the banners, they could scare the crap out of almost anyone


  2. Very nice work ! I want to paint swiss too but I don't know if I have to choose Legio Heroica or Mirliton figurines. The Mirliton are easy to paint ?

  3. @Curt: I will put something to cover the blank space. Maybe some dead knights ;)

    @el frances: mirliton are so nice to paint, don't resist. Warning: their pikes and hallberds are very brittle. I used North Star wire pikes for them.

    1. Good one, some battle flotsam would be very cool.

  4. Well done Seb. That pike block looks very menacing...

  5. great looking entry, love the bright colors

  6. Great work Seb with the only thing scarier than a bunch of Swiss halberdiers :)

    I've found that for doing my Swiss, using a Yellow Ochre basecoat works well for doing yellow and white (and the other colours, although they don't really need it).

  7. Quality figures Seb, looking forward to seeing more.



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