Thursday, February 14, 2013

From Samuli: 15mm WWII German Armour (30 points)

From Samuli:

A quick follow-up to my previous Napoleonics. These were painted with the redcoats to keep me from getting bored. The first 15mm tanks I painted, so I tested some different airbrushing and weathering effects on them. The K√∂nigstiger and Stugs are from Battlefront and the Sdkfz 251 is from Plastic Soldier Company. 

I was supposed to send in a PSC Panther but painting the German Ambush pattern camo didn't really work out and that bugger went into paint removal. I really like the PSC offerings a lot more than the Battlefront ones, eventhough they take a lot longer to build up.

All the minis have been preshaded before painting the camo pattern on top. Everything painted with Vallejo stuff again. After the basic painting I applied the decals and then a quick oil wash in some places to bring out the details.
The decals are from Battlefront and the mud is a product called Quick Mud from Marutechnics. Tried applying it by painting and splashing. Works pretty well on 15mm's too eventhough it's meant for bigger scale models. Not quite sure how well it will stay on the minis during gaming though. I'm not too happy with the quality of the decals and especially the crosses are clearly non symmetrical, but what can you do when nobody else seems to do decals in this scale.
Great work Samuli! Your camo looks very good and I particularly like the mud effect you've achieved with the tracks and wheels.

These five vehicles will give Samuli 30 points.


  1. These look good, I did not notice the crosses issue without you mentioning


  2. Thanks! Maybe I'll need to check those DOMs decals. At least the postage seems to be reasonable for a british company.

    Yeah the I managed to hide the worst crosses underneath mud :) And they aren't that bad from the distance, but I'm just quite picky. Got used to a far too good quality level when I did mainly scale models :P

  3. Great painting Samuli, love the camo!


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