Thursday, February 28, 2013

From PhilH: 28mm American Jeeps & Ronin #33 (55 points)

From Phil:
No doubt Gharak will have a few hundred points waiting in the wings. But here I am with another motley collection. First up, some transport for my commandos, two rather grubby jeeps. I only had one suitable driver, which is a pain. I had some fun magnetising him on so both can serve as battlefield litter. They have been in the box for a year, they were picked up ages ago in a sale. I wouldn't normally base vehicles, but these are a bit tiddly - they are metal West Wind sculpts, which I think are 1:60. The bases hopefully give the illusion of more size, offset the bases on the miniatures a bit and stop you placing troops too close. The Commando alongside is for scale only, he was painted a long time ago. I had them finished then managed to drop one and mangle the windscreen. I mostly got it back into shape, but it needed a good touch-up. 

Also, my entry fee. Samurai seem to be an excuse to get the colours out and I really fancied the challenge of doing yellow. So you get a very yellow samurai! I added a bit of freehand to break it up, but I couldn't quite face doing the design all over. He is from the Perry Miniatures unarmoured set.

Those jeeps are great, but I agree, they are a bit like clown cars compared some beefy 28mm figures. Perhaps you can make up a driver in a Shriner's outfit! Beep Beep!

The samurai is gorgeous. I love the yellow / red combination (like the lads above!) and the flower pattern is amazingly well executed - bravo and thank you!

These two jeeps, driver and Ronin #33 will give Phil 55 points. Great job!


  1. great freehand on your ronin, the jeeps do seem very weedy
    Peace James

  2. Lovely work on the Samurai Phil :)

  3. I feel your pain regards the damage to the jeep, though I can't tell which so a very good job at the repair.

    That Samurai is just so good, the freehand you have just the right amount.Less is better in my opinion but it's flawless!


  4. Great work on the Ronin Phil.

  5. A fantastic Ronin. I agree with you, some vehicles can be really small!

  6. Alright, the jeeps aren't that small! Wills are quite small in real life you know?! ;-)

    Thanks for the comments all - the yellow on the ronin came out really well, new method found but it is quite unforgiving of mistakes.

  7. Really cool ronin, simple but effective. I can tell from his dark eyes that he is not here to mess around.

  8. Brave and bold work on the yellow - looks great well done Phil