Friday, February 22, 2013

From KevH: 28mm Napoleonic Westphalian Infantry, 54mm Medievals & 15mm WWII German Prime Mover (397 points)

From Kev:
It has been a while since my last post and I have been painting.
I also have my Mrs painting at last, been showing her the ropes and she is helping me with my Siege project. She is currently painting the missile units, she is a bit slow, but getting there.
First up are some 28mm Westphalians (commission work). A battalion of 24 figures with command and a mounted General de Brigade. All 28mm Front Rank miniatures. I have two more of these and one light btn as part of the commission.

Next up is my first 54mm Medievals for "Siege" This is a castle game I have been working on for the last year. The rules are now complete and ready for play testing. I now know how many figures and type will be in each unit.
The castle was started a few months back and is a toy castle from Simba. This painted up quite nicely and with the added thickness of some styrene is starting to look the part. I have built it in modular sections with some breaches made for entry for the attackers. I have siege engines, ladders, boiling oil and all sorts of nasties for this and it should prove to be quite a bit of fun to play. It will accomodate 1 defender (holding the castle) and as many attackers as wants to play, great for a demo game.
All in the lovely 54mm scale. All These medievals are plastic 54mm Accurate miniatures. They are painted in a pretty basic block style. The reason being, my Mrs is painting some of them and these are the first thing she has ever painted. They are based in singles and will be handled a lot, so easier to touch up.
They are a really soft plastic, unlike the ECW I have been painting that is a quite hard plastic. A few are conversions as the poses are quite limited...
The seige rules will be available on my blog for anybody interested in a stupidly simple set of siege rules.
And finally, a 15mm Battlefront Miniatures German Famo Tractor. (Hopefully to stop me bogging, lol.) DAK paint job to go with my recent panzers. 
I picked this up at Hammerhead in Newark a couple of weeks back.
Horrid cast, and a real pig to fit together. The resin on the underside was still soft and stank vile. I painted over it and and the matt varnish seems to have sealed it ok. The BF Mins really need to sort out there quality control. At £8, its not cheap. Quick paint job though and its fits in with my tanks perfectly.

Super stuff Kev! It's nice that your wife is joining you in the hobby - its a great way to spend time together (I know of others who use it for precisely the opposite reason!).

I'll definitely be looking at your siege rules as I have an old Citadel castle (yes, the Old Skool high-density foam one) sitting in storage, waiting to be brought out again.

This eclectic batch of goodies will give Kev a staggering 397 points! This will allow him to close the gap and bring him within striking range of the top two Challengers. Well done!


  1. I found those battle-front casts quite nice, but I only bought some about 6 years ago. Frontrank looks splendid as ever, and there's nothing like a big tall knight-figurine to play with anyway.

  2. What a mix and so many points. All of them look rather fine but the Westphalian's just steal the show. Fantastic looking, I have these to do in 6mm, I think I will leave it a while LOL


  3. Great work, Kev. Your Napoleonic are fantastic!

  4. Nice Work, I've been searching for KevH's blog, but can't seem to find it.

  5. Hi Kev, Could I use your second picture of the Westphalians for a list of Westphalians use in Lasalle? You will be credited with the photo as well as the blog page Analogue Hobbies.

  6. You are more than welcome Basil.

  7. You are more than welcome Basil.

  8. Thanks. I have submitted them to the creator of Lasalle Rules. I hope they become part of the downloads for gamers.


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