Monday, February 25, 2013

From AndrewS: 28mm Viking 'Loknar' for Curt (15 points)

I'm a big fan of Andrew's work, particularly his Dark Age figures (see here and here). 

So, being the cheeky git that I am I 'invited' him to paint me a Viking figure for my collection. The man, being a consumate gentleman in not telling me to get stuffed, acquiesced and so I present to you the fruits of my impertinence: 'Loknar' the Viking.

He's pretty awesome, huh. I quite like his stripped trousers and shield, but oddly enough I especially dig his beard and braids. I'm thinking the dude could go into the scandinavian Death Metal scene if the whole viking thing doesn't work out for him.

Thanks so much Andrew! He'll take a proud place amongst my other honoured Vikings from last year's Challenge. (And yes Fran and Ray, I will get a post up featuring the whole group - I promise!)

Loknar will give Andrew 15 points.


  1. He looks excellent and it's the trousers that I like the most as well


  2. Awesomness again Bud.
    You relly do crack it with the Dark Ages

  3. Fantastic work Andrew. The striped trousers are awesome, but the trim on the tunic is even more so! :)

  4. Seems like a good call to have him do another Viking. Quite impressive work.

  5. What a great looking figure, well done that man!!!

  6. This is a wonderful figure,a perfect Viking looking for something to full his bag.

    Fantastic work!

  7. Great looking figure worthy of the praise from all!


  8. Stunning! I especially like the blonde hair.


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