Sunday, February 17, 2013

From AndrewS: 15mm WWII British Shermans (102 points)

From Andrew:
Continuing with a theme, Here are my 15 Tunisia / Italy themed Sherman's and 1 Hurricane as the Air support option.
The Sherman's are all 15mm scale from Plastic Soldier Company, the Hurricane is from Revell.
I have painted these as an element of 9th Armoured brigade. The Camo pattern used I found on several images on the internet, it is unusual so therefore decided to replicate for my force and have used a theme within for each platoon to aid me recognising on the table. 
The force breaks down as an HQ of three Sherman's and 4 combat platoons of three Sherman's. All the tanks have been subjected to my usual painting style and the application of stowage and hand made camo nets to enhance the look.

Fabulous work Andrew! I wonder if this camo similar to the green 'mickey mouse' scheme? It's very distinctive with the white outlining. I assume these are for one of your sons? I remember the previous group of Tigers were for them as well. Wonderful gifts!

This company of Shermans and the Hurricane (including the commanders and stowage) will give Andrew 102 points. Well done!


  1. @Francis & @ Christopher, Thank you
    Curt, These are all mine, The previous Shermans were for one son the Tigers yet to come are for the other.
    The back story on the Camo pattern mentioned the outline was painted onto the tanks and the tankers then were meant to fill the pattern and paint over the outline they decided to leave the outline and had no time to correct before going into a battle.

  2. Excellent work Andrew! I love the look of that camo.

  3. very distinctive Ronson's those ;-)


  4. @ Ian / @ Juan / @ Ray Thank you

  5. Truly EPIC buddy.
    I'm gonna hate facing these buggers with my little PzIII's

  6. I really like these tanks. The camo is a great touch.


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