Saturday, January 19, 2013

From TimG: 20mm Soviet Liberated Truck and AA Gun (28 points)

Tim adds to his 20mm Soviet WWII collection with this repurposed Opel truck, AA gun and crew.

From Tim:
The 37mm AA gun is the Zvezda plastic kit built straight from the box.  
In response to a transport shortage my gunners have 'liberated' an Airfix Opel Blitz and 're-branded' it to reflect the change of ownership.

Nice work Tim. I like the thick chunky bases you use for these - it gives them an almost boardgame playing-piece feel about them.

The truck, AA gun and crew will give Tim 28 points.


  1. Nice, I like the hostile takeover. You need something else come winter though!


  2. Nice. Should give the Stukas something to think twice about!


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