Friday, January 4, 2013

From JohnM: 28mm Napoleonic Brunswick Hussars & Uhlans (160 points)

John sends us another addition to his Napoleonic Brunswick collection, this time its the light cavalry: Hussars and Uhlans.

From John:
So here we have the Brunswick cavalry at Waterloo. This unit represents 3 squadrons of Hussars and a squadron of Uhlans (I actually should have one more squadron of Hussars......happy to trade 2 Uhlans (and money of course) for 4 Hussars). I represent each squadron with 4 figures. 
I am not sure if they saw action or not, but certainly they are going to look good on the gaming table. These were primed white, airbrushed with black ink and then heavily dry brushed with Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue. A final light dry brush Vallejo London Grey was used to bring out pelises, fur and straps. I believe I will go with this method for the rest of my Brunswickers. 

This is the largest cavalry unit I have painted with 16 figures, previously my max was 12. These are Perry figures and were quite nice to paint. I do like the horses, but they were a little fragile though, I believe I snapped off at least an half dozen legs. I should have another unit to submit in the next day or two, they will not be black!

John, these look fabulous. I really like the method you've come up with to do your 'black' - I'm definitely going to give that a try.

These sixteen horsemen will give John 160 points.


  1. Excellent work John- Black is that most difficult of colours to to do and you have nailed it.

  2. Great work I hope my black is half as good as you have created here. Loving your Nap's
    Peace James

  3. Inspiring work! I agree that they will certainly look striking and unique on the table. Interesting layering process for the black uniforms. I will keep that in mind as I am looking into possibly building units for a Waterloo game - currently only Peninsular units. Best, Dean

    1. Oh, you're in luck Dean. The Black Brunswickers fought with Wellington in the Peninsula as well - and in black no less! So you can treat yourself if you wish. They were called the Brunswick 'Oels' (Jager and Hussar regiments and part of the 7th Division, I believe).

  4. So very nice, these will draw a lot of attention on the table, so don't forget to duck



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