Friday, January 25, 2013

From ChrisP: 15mm WWII Soviet Tank Company (105 points)

From Chris:
This is a Soviet Tankovy Company, in 15mm ready for a mid war tournament next month. I worked out a white-wash technique using blister pack foam which I am pretty happy with, so I used it again on these.
First up, we have 7 T-34s, as well as a spare 76mm turret. These are all old (quite old) models from Battlefront, comprising a mix of obr 1942 T-34s, some with solid road wheels, others with spoked wheels. The command tank is the hero, Marya, mainly because she looks cool!
Next is a single Battlefront T-70, which will be the Company Commander for the company. Nothing really different about this tank, simple whitewash and a chap poking out of the turret!
Lastly, there are ten T-70s from the Plastic Soldier Company. I am unashamedly a Battlefront fanboy, owning a ridiculous amount of their stuff, from early war to Vietnam! So, I had mixed feelings about the PSC tanks. Yes, it allowed me to get twice the number of T-70s for the same price, and the quality actually is not to bad to be honest. Am I swayed away from Battlefront? Well, given the nostalgic qualities of making plastic kits (so many memories of fingers stuck to Bristol Bulldog wings), I enjoyed pulling them out of the box.
In a head to head shot of the Battlefront and Plastic Soldier Company vehicles, I can tell the difference, but to be honest, I don't mind too much. 
Next? I really need to get on to painting some 15mm Auzzie Anti-tank for a tournament tomorrow....

Great work Chris! I really like the dappled frost/whitewash effect. I'll have to remember that packing foam idea... Good luck in your tournament!

This company of Soviet tanks will give Chris 105 points with a few points extra for the commanders.


  1. great stuff, I used the same foam tec to put mud splatters on my tanks

  2. A great frosty finish Chris, nice one!

  3. Very simple plus effective. Love the contrast of dirt around the tracks with the whitewashed hulls. Nice. I keep hearing good things about PSC.

  4. These look great, Aussie for tomorrow, you like to cut it fine LOL



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