Sunday, January 20, 2013

From AndrewS: 15mm WWII British Sherman Tanks (120 points)

From Andrew:
This is my latest batch of figures a 15mm Guards Armoured company, comprising of 15 Shemans from Plastic soldier company.

Initially this was going to be a very straight forward and simple paint job for my youngest son. However I could not bring my self to do a quick job. Even when I thought it would be good enough with all the tanks completely painted and lined out I still felt that I could do better and therefore set about an 6 hour stint of sculpting one day and 4 hours the next, adding hessian strips and canvases followed by some camo nets, spare track and wheels etc. Finally painting up the extras and basing them in the early hours this morning.

The force consists of 3 Sherman V's for the company command.  3 platoons of 2 Sherman V's and 2 firefly's for the remainder.
Overall I am very happy with the result and my son is delighted.

I'm sure he is as that's some wonderful work you've done, Andrew! I really like the modifications and I'm sure your son must be very excited to get them on the table for a game.

These 15 Shermans will give Andrew a base of 90 points but I'm adding another 30 for the crew, stowage and various other modifications he's done. Great work.


  1. I should agree with your happiness - these are marvelous to behold. The basing is also exceptionally done. Best, Dean

  2. Very nice work Andrew, great basing too!

  3. These look superb buddy.
    Great job indeed.
    Now get those brushes working and get back up the table.

  4. Glad you decided to go the extra mile, these look great.


  5. That's some really excellent work Andrew! I'm sure your son is as proud as can be.


  6. great work, love all the extras
    Peace James

  7. These are outstanding!

    Did you use Dom's Decals on these Shermans?

    Can you please share how you painted the tanks?

    I have a whole bunch of PSC waiting to be made up as Irish Guard and the colours you have used look perfect to me and exactly what I was aiming for!

    Thanks for sharing,



Thanks for your comment! As long as you're not a spam droid I'll have it up on the blog soon. :)