Thursday, December 27, 2012

From PeterD: 1:2400 WWII Merchantmen (17 points)

Peter sends in a juicy group of WWII merchantmen for rapacious sea raiders to hunt.

From Peter:
I finished up a set of 11 WW2 merchantmen while watching the Dr. Who Christmas special this morning.  These are 1:2400 resin casts from Panzerschiffe - a large range of solid, workman like ships that covers many ships not available otherwise.  I find them too crude for warships but the 2 packs of merchantmen I picked up were tremendous value for money. 

They come cast in battleship grey with a blackened funnel cap, and could be used straight up.  For a while, I considered drilling holes and adding masts and cranes (using wire and GHQ spares) but in the end I opted for a utilitarian approach and painted them as is.  And yes, I repainted the grey, then added layers of washes to simulate rust and grime. 
The photos include 3 Hunt class DDEs which predate the painting challenge so shouldn't be counted.  As for the point value, I will leave that to our moderator and chief judge Curt.

Very good work Peter. I look forward to sinking (or convoying) these in our upcoming engagements on the Med.

These eleven ships with their sea-bases will give Peter 17 points for his entry on the points roster. Welcome aboard Peter!


  1. You have done a good job here. It's well worth puttingin the effort to paint them up, I can see some of these going the way of Davey Jones in a few games though



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