Saturday, December 29, 2012

From AndrewS: 28mm Celtic/Norse Vikings (80 points)

From Andrew:
Here is my next entry, having not been at the brushes for three days these were done either side of the Christmas break. Two points of warriors both 8 figures for a total of 16. They are Foundry 28mm's  from their Viking range.

These took a bit more work than the normal Vikings I pump out as I decided as they are Celtic / Norse to use more Plaid on the clothing and the striped trousers both take a lot of fine detail work and need concentration.

This now completes my 4 point Norse Gael warband. I may add a Sons of death unit in the future. 
Next up will be some Napoleonic's.

Another excellent warband of Vikings Andrew! Those plaid trews and cloaks came out very nicely, well done.

These bad lads will give Andrew 80 points.


  1. Really wonderful models! A fantastic painting work, sir.

  2. Great work! How many points are you planning for your SAGA Warband?


  3. Those are stunning, great colour and detail. Work lke that make me want to do Saga but my brush work is well below what you have shown here

  4. Brilliant!

    Replace those axes and shields with guitars, and you could have a '70s heavy metal band! ;-)

  5. Some wonderful looking raiders you have done!



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