Monday, March 12, 2012

From TimB: Ancient Egyptians, WWII Canadians, WWII Brits and Vietnam-era Americans (308 points)

Tim's beginning to stoke the engine for the last dash to glory and so sends in this impressive collection of figures extending from ancient Egypt, through the Second World War to the war in Vietnam. First up, above, is an ancient Egyptian family. These 28mm figures are from Black Tree Design. 

Next is a varied group of 20mm WWII Canadian infantry ranging from regular infantry, mortars, forward observers and a 25-pounder. These are a mix of FAA, SHQ and Platoon 20.

Then we have some British paratroopers and commandos in their distinctive red and green berets. These are Platoon 20 castings.

For a counterpoint Tim also shows us a pair of WWII German forward observers.

Finally, we have two Vietnam-era 105mm American howitzers with their attendent crew. These are by RAFM. 

This great assortment of miniatures will give Tim a very impressive 308 points allowing him to pip Ray and move into 2nd place! Well done, Tim!


  1. Great work there. I need to paint some Canadians one day.

  2. Nice one Tim, some great looking figures!!! Damn it!!

  3. My favourite models of any period are the civilians and your are very well painted; very nice entry, Tim.

  4. Really nice work love the Eygptian family


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