Friday, March 16, 2012

From PhilH: 28mm British Napoleonics (45 points)

Phil tucks in this great batch of 28mm British Napoleonic infantry.  I believe the Highlanders are plastic Victrix, the rankers are Perry plastics and the officer a metal Victrix  (though I may be wrong - Phil can confirm).

From Phil:

'Don't know why I was fretting about my target when I had these sitting, half-finished on my painting table. Over the past few months I'd picked them up and then put them aside so many times I think they were my version of your Norman archers. But I managed to apply myself over the past few days to finish them and lift the pressure as we hit the final straight.'

'The seven to the right of the mounted colonel were started before the challenge (in the summer, in fact) but finished off during it. The rest - 7 foot and one mounted - were done entirely in the period of the challenge. Though I think I first put paint to plastic on them back in January!'

'A bit of an odd batch actually, half from on unit, but with some other bits that I had already assembled to bulk out my existing painted Napoleonic British units. Including two highlanders, which come with the fun task of three seperate bits of freehand. Their kilts came out pretty nice, but in hindsight I'd consider using the newfangled tartan transfers on them. Really pleased with the Highlanders unit as a whole (these two make it up to 16, one day I intend to push that to 20) but I won't be starting another unit any year soon. In fact I feel I need a break from Naps generally, been working away at them for 2 years with only a few distractions

According to my math I've one more mini I to do before Tuesday - easy.'

Great job on these, Phil, especially those dreaded kilts! These lads will give Phil 45 points - just one point away from his Challenge target!


  1. Really nice, Phil. A great painting job with these kilts.

  2. Curt - your eye for a miniature is spot on. Perry and Victrix here. A couple of the rankers are a combination of bits from the two, actually.

    JuanM - cheers. The kilts are more subtle in the flesh, but the flash really emphasises the colour. I did find a good guide to painting tartan on blogger once, but I've long lost the link.


  3. Nice.

    Whoever invents tartan paint is gonna make fortune from gamers!

    I have used this for tartan

  4. Ah, found it again:

  5. Very well done. The kilts look great.


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