Tuesday, March 6, 2012

From KentG: Lady Gunslingers for Sarah's Choice (10 points)

Kent sends in this dynamic duo of two gunslingers a la femme

These are 28mm Reaper miniatures. Beautiful work with the colours, Kent!

These two will give him 10 points to chip into his impressive total.


  1. Very nice. The shading on the lady with the big, err, pistols, is well done. I am sure that Eire of these ladies could put paid to those Greek lads with the, err, spears.

  2. Really, really nice work on the gun


  3. I own both of these minis, and have been awaiting inspiration to get round to painting them. I think the choice of red for the dress is really eye-catching. Enough to stand out on a grim and dusty western game. Consider it stolen!


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