Thursday, March 15, 2012

From KentG: 15mm Mycenaean Army with a Trojan Horse (240 points)

Kent is going to finish the Challenge in style with an entirely new army, this one being a Mycenaean force based for DBA.

From Kent:

'Well here we are again, I think this could be the last entry on my part, but who knows. (I've heard this before... - ed)

This is a 15mm Black Hat Miniatures Mycenaean army done up for DBA -  great fun. After painting so many 28mm I decided why not try and paint these boys with the same three layer painting I use on the 28mm figures - seemed to work quite well. It was fun trying to work out the cow hide shields as i had never done them before but they worked out well in the end.'

Beautiful stuff Kent. I really like the work you did on the shields - top notch.

Love the Trojan Horse, but the head looks sort of avian to me. Maybe we've been duped all along and it was the 'Trojan Pterodactyl' that brought down Troy. Just sayin...

This force will give Kent 240 points (with a bit added for the great hand-painted shields). Well done Kent!


  1. Great stuff! Love all of them. I have 28mm Mycenaeans, and these are inspiring. Good going! Best, Dean

  2. Very nice Kent! Trojans are great!


  3. Very nice, Kent; a new army in a week. You are the Master.

  4. Bloody hell.. give thaty man a medal
    top notch - well done Kent


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