Sunday, March 18, 2012

From IanW: 15mm Renaissance Camp Followers, Ancients Base Camp and 6mm Wagons

Ian, showing he's been cracking these past few day, shows us a great medley of figures as we near the end of the Challenge.

From Ian:
I supply a stand of 3 figures, 15mm Fri Korps Camp Followers from forever ago. Bought them and part painted them 20+ years ago. Took them back down to metal and painted them up in about two hours, will be part of my FoG Ren camp when I get the rules. This is for the lady contest, she brought her kids for support.

Next is two wagons in 6mm I bought off e-bay in October or November, they are H&R

'Talking of camps, my ancients 15mm FoG camp finally got this painted up so will not have to field a sheet of plastic for Lee to sack. All figures are Magister, can you see the rude boy? The chickens should really all be one colour but I could not resist painting my chickens and as we have three different breeds well... I hope you can see that the camp is pulling away from one side as a scratch guard (and rude boy) try to delay the attack. Had a great deal of fun putting this together.'

'Last up is the German Sniper markers. These 11 add to the 4 Germans already done. All 28mm and all but the P'Shreck and Flamethrower are Artizan, the others are Bolt Action.'

I think the flame effect on the flame thrower is excellent.

Excellent work, Ian! I really like your theme of a camp in the midst  of 'bugging out' - nice job. This group will give Ian 117 points, enough to pip me back a position! I shake my fist!


  1. Great work Ian a very diverse entry!!!

  2. And takes Ian well out of my reach!

  3. "I could not resist painting my chicken" thats a classic line Ian ROFL. Well doen a great little collection!

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  5. Painting chickens is hard work, they do 't silt still and keep squawking, Well done. Would have liked a close up of the rude boy.


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