Wednesday, February 8, 2012

From TimB: 28mm Dark Age Scots, Normans, Irish, Amazon and Hoplites (250 points)

Tim has been going at it, hammer and tongs, getting ready for his big DBA campaign weekend later this month (which will fall right on his birthday - Happy Pre-Birthday Tim!). Here we have a potpourri of wonderful figures ranging from Dark Age Scots, Normans and Irish, to Classical Amazons and Hoplites. 

Tim wows us again with his hand-painted plaid cloaks and shield designs. Beautiful stuff.

A pair of Normans and an ill-tempered Irish woman.
These 28mm figures have been sourced from a broad mix of manufacturers. The Scots are all Old Glory, the Normans are Crusader, the Amazon is from MegaMinis and the Hoplites are from Black Tree, Foundry (the Spartan) and Crusader.

An Amazon and assorted Hoplite warriors.
This group of 44 figures will give Tim a base of 220 points but I'm going to give him an extra 30 for the excellent  work on the shields and plaids. Well done, Tim!


  1. A lot of models, Tim, and very well painted. I like a lot your shields and cloaks.

    Very nice.

  2. Quality and quantity I am green with envy on both counts. Back to the table me-thinks


  3. Outstanding stuff. Can't believe all the work on the shields.

  4. Wonderful attention to detail, great stuff


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