Monday, February 13, 2012

From PhilH: 28mm Viking and Pulp Adventure Gestapo (30 points)

Phil gives us an eclectic mix of figures to enjoy with a Viking lord for SAGA and a group of nefarious Gestapo thugs for Pulp Adventure gaming.

The Viking is a 28mm Gripping Beast casting that will be a gift for his brother. Phil liked the fact that this middle-aged fellow is obviously a few pints of ale over svelte but still sports the ass-kicking attitude of his youth.

These 28mm Gestapo nasties are from Pulp Figures. I really like Phil's smooth shading of their uniforms - great colours and very evocative of film noir depicting that period.

All together this group of figures will give Phil 30 points. Really nice stuff, Phil!


  1. Yes the shading looks great, blended really well. The Viking though really has a mean look.


  2. Love the colours used on the Viking and the Gestapo figures look very menacing!!

  3. Wonderful colour in those uniforms. And the fit Viking Lord is very, very nice..
    A great job.

  4. I especially like the Viking - lovely work in the beard. Proof that old gray haired guys can still be sexy.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys, both were fun and quick to paint.

    And reached the 250 point mark - halfway to my self-imposed target. Pity we're 2/3rds of the way through...


  6. Yeah, but the stuff you've sent in has been top notch and hopefully the Challenge has helped keep you interested and moving forward.

  7. Curt,

    It certainly has kept me going - thanks again for running the challenge.

    I've just posted brief write-ups and photos of of our latest Pulp Adventures on my blog if anyone is interested - linky below.



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