Friday, February 24, 2012

From KentG: 28mm English Civil War Commanders, Cavalry & Shotte (354 points)

Kent grinds forward like a painting juggernaught and so sends these excellent ECW commanders, cavalry and musketeers for us to enjoy.

First the commanders. Both are Parliamentarians (or blackguard Rebels, if you prefer). The topmost figure depicts the warty and pugnacious Oliver Cromwell, while astride the white charger is the much respected Sir Thomas 'Black Tom' Fairfax. Both are from Bicorne Miniatures' excellent range of 28mm figures. I quite like the blue harness on Cromwell's horse - very sharp.

Next is a beefy unit of twenty-four ECW horse. These 28mm (closer to 25mm, actually) cavalrymen are all from Wargames Foundry. Kent has done these up for a friend who wanted to to the basing himself (thus the reason why they look like they're charging through a gravel pit ;)).

Last but not least is a unit of twenty-four commanded Shotte. I believe all of these figures are from Foundry as well.

This collection of figures will give Kent a very respectable 354 points. A very, very nice collection - bravo!


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