Monday, February 20, 2012

From JuanM: 28mm 16th Century Soldiers, Peasants and 19th Century British Nordenfelt Crew (45 points)

Juan sends some great shots of some new additions to his collection. First up is a 16th century group depicting three soldiers and a poor peasant (well, I guess peasants are poor by default...) 

The soldiers are plastic models from the Perry twins Mercenaries boxed set, while the peasant is from Pro Gloria. All are 28mm.

On Fran's recommendation, Juan is going to use 'The Lord of the Rings' rules for these which I think is a great idea as they are excellent for skirmish scenarios. I know the guys from The Fawcett Avenue Conscripts use them for several periods, even spaceship combat!

Next up is a British Royal Navy Nordenfelt machine gun and crew. These saw action during the wars in the Sudan. This is a 28mm Perry Miniatures set.

Juan's gaming group is currently playing a series of inter-linked games set in the Sudan using the 'Black Powder' rules. From my understanding, Juan is having a great time playing the Sudanese as they've had some early victories.

These two groups will give him 45 points. Very nice work, Juan, and good luck facing up to that Nordenfelt in your upcoming games (remember: duck and weave)!


  1. Great work Juan, some beautiful painting!

  2. Lovely as always, Juan.

    Now can I find any reason to buy that Nordenfelt kit...?

  3. Great painting Juan, lovely to look at


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