Thursday, February 9, 2012

From JohnM: 28mm Napoleonic Prussian Cavalry, 6th Neumark Dragoons and 4th Kumark Landwehr (240 points)

John sends in this excellent entry featuring two regiments of Prussian cavalry, the 6th Neumark Dragoons and the 4th Kumark Landwehr Cavalry.

All of these 28mm castings are from the impressive Calpe range of models.

I commented to John saying that I think he has his Army Painter technique perfected as these look beautiful (he gives a great tutorial at his site). John responded, elaborating:

'For the horses I use airbrushed Vallejo Brown Ink on a white base. I liked how they came out. I did vary the saddle cloth from regulation, it should be dragoon blue, but when I saw the red pinstriping on the black, I just could not resist.'

The lance pennants are from GMB and the colours are 'FlagDude'. 

These 24 cavalry will give John 240 points for the Challenge. Wonderful stuff, John, well done!


  1. excellent work they look fantastic

  2. Oh man - an airbrush. I can't imagine...

  3. Top quality painting on these. Nice work indeed.

  4. Damn good work John, excellent stuff....

  5. Very nice, the perfect argument for 28mm gaming (though I still like my 6mm LOL)

  6. Excellent work John- now you've got me thinking... hmm I want to get the airbush out - cheers


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