Monday, February 6, 2012

From DaveD: 28mm 'The Perils of Pauline' Vignette (10 points)

Dave sends in this marvellously curious little scene which depicts a nefarious villain having just tied a fair damsel to a railway track - oooh, the cad! 

In my mind's eye I can hear the off-key piano playing madly  in the background, and if you blink really rapidly you get that silent film effect - no really!

If he was waiting on Canadian Via Rail they'd both die of old age before one showed up...
Apparently this was a give-away figure at a Partizan show a few years ago, sculpted in 28mm by Matt Bickley. Dave tells me that there was a hero figure included in the set so he's going to try to source that to finish the scene.

I love his crumpled top hat, her high heels and 'unmentionables'.
This pair (ahem) will give Dave 10 points. Thanks for this, Dave - well done!


  1. That is good. Spent ages yesterday looking for a figre of the fairer sex, no joy.


  2. Good work, Dick Dastardly......cue the music!

  3. You can almost hear the villainous snigger of laughter. Nice work!


  4. I say give him 20 points, thats so cool. Nice job Dave

  5. Very nice vignette, Dave; the figures are wonderful.


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